Destination weddings in Norway

Get married in Norway


If you don't want to get married in the city, there are plenty of options. Witin only a few hours from Oslo you will find mountains, small charming coastal towns and villages, fjords, and forests.

Let us know what you dream wedding looks like, and we will help you find the perfect location.

Some of the options include:
small wooden church on the mountainside
a beautiful park
on a pier by a lake or by the sea
a country house hotel
rustic mountain farm
spa hotel

Type of ceremony:
For a legal wedding ceremony you have two options. A civil ceremony, or a protestant church wedding.The civil ceremony is non-religious, and can take place in a town hall, or on request: outdoors or a selected venue.The religious ceremony has to take place in a church. If you want a church wedding, we only organize christian protestant ceremonies.

Symbolic ceremony/blessing:
Some couples choose to get legally wed in their home countries, and then hold the official symbolic ceremony in Norway. 

This makes the ceremony more flexible as it can be held in any chosen location/venue, and can be personalized as you wish. You will also save time and money as you will not need any paperwork to be legalized in Norway.You will need to bring your wedding certificate as proof that you are legally wed before the symbolic ceremony can be held. We arrange symbolic ceremonies all over Norway. 

For any civil or religious ceremony, all paperwork has to be approved and legalized by Norwegian authorities. Please note that it could take up to 2 month for the paperwork to be approved here in Norway. If you sign a contract with us, we will inform you of what papers you need to obtain from your country. 

Picture on this side: Wedding in Tromsø, picture by photographer Marius Fiskum

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Pictures of great locations and venues in Norway: