Wedding in Lofoten

This lovely couple from Great Britain, chose Reine in Lofoten as a background for their elopement wedding! And what a day it was!

The wedding was planned for a long time, and the date was set for 23rd March. They had been warned, that the weather in Northern Norway, could be rough that time of year. The couple could choose if they wanted to get married inside, or if they still wanted to have the wedding outdoors! This brave couple went for an outdoor wedding, and even though we moved the wedding to the time of the day when the weather was at it's best - they had rain, snow, wind and even a tiny touch of sunshine! 

The dramatic surroundings created a special frame around this romantic moment, and the deep and heartfelt love between the couple gave us a beautiful memory that we will forever cherish. No wonder we love our job as wedding planners! 

We recommend Lofoten for your destination wedding all year around! Contact us today, if you also want to get married in Lofoten.