Friluftsliv - 

the hottest wedding trend right now!

Covid-19 has made us think different, and the hottest wedding trend now a FRILUFTSLIV wedding. If you don't know what this is, keep on reading, because we have been interviewed by the The Knot about this new trend.

This is simply a wedding which takes place out in nature - preferably on a mountain top, or a slightly remote place surrounded by amazing scenery. The bride and groom often travels alone, or brings just the closest family. Friluftsliv weddings often involves some physical activities, like walking or hiking to the spot of the wedding. And it most definitely involves a wedding dress and a stunning backdrop! Instead of coffee and a packed lunch, you can glam up the wedding experience with glamping, Champagne and maybe a small wedding cake. It all depends on how much you want to carry in your backpack. We have arranged a number of such weddings over the past years, and if this is your dream -then you should get in touch with us.

Here you can read the article from the Knot

We show you some pictures from Courtney and Christopher's wedding, which involved an outdoor wedding, bonfire, and their closest friends and family. They came all the way from Australia, to celebrate their wedding in Norway (and they were lucky to have sporty wedding planners who could carry their firewood)

All the pictures, are from the amazing photographer Marius Fiskum