Symbolic ceremony

Elope to Norway


If you choose to get legally married before you come to Norway, it gives you the flexibility to have the symbolic wedding wherever you want. We can also arrange your wedding quickly, so if you are planning a trip to Norway soon - we can plan your elopement! Any weekday will work!

If it's just the two of you - we can also move the location of the wedding, and sometimes also the time for the ceremony. This can be done close to the wedding, if this is more suitable for you! The ceremony is beautiful and personal, and you can also do a vow renewal with us!

You don't have to think about the paperwork, and we make your wedding in Norway a special and memorable time for you! We can also help you fint the best location for the photoshoot! Maybe you want to take pictures with the reindeer, or in a boat on the fjord?

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