Stave church wedding

09 August 2017



In each and every little town or village in Norway, you find traditional churces, where you can have a protestantic wedding. We also have some stave churches, and in some of them it's possible to get married. Sometimes it looks like you are in the middle of a postcard, and if this looks like your dream - you can send us an email today 

If you manage to obtain all the papers needed, you can get legally married in the church. If you prefer to get married in your own country before you come here, we can offer a blessing in the church. You must follow the rituals in the church, and you must choose 3 hymns for the ceremony. Maybe you want some tranditonal Norwegian music, plaid by a fiddler or accordion etc.? The old churches doesn't have electrisity, so they are not open in the winter.


On all the pictures, you see how Nick and Beth did it on their big day in Norway, in the beginning of May this year. The weather was perfect, and it was just like a fairytale.

Send us a request, if you are dreaming of a church wedding in Norway!